Centuar Fence Testimonials

centaur fenceTo begin with, the type of fencing we are talking about is not your average run of the mill post and board or vinyl fencing. Centaur Fencing manufactures a “high tensile polymer” rail fence that provides so much more than regular fencing does. Ranging from safety to ease of install centaur fencing products really shine up and above the rest. So, to give you a bit of a taste of what these products are all about, I want to bring in a bit of a informational section on Centaur as a company and product, then follow up with a variety of testimonials from various customers around the world.

The Safety Factor of Centaur Fencing

Generally when you have any type of fence enclosing an animal or group of animals (from horses to cows or bears or whatever) you will have two big problems that you may or may not have to deal with at some point.

The first is breaking fence sections. Whether your horses break through your fence, some predator breaks in, or weather is abnormally harsh, your fence will probably break. High tensile polymer fencing (the Centaur product) provides higher break strength than normal fencing while still protecting the animals enclosed.

This brings us to the safety factor introduced by the more pliable polymer fence. Instead of shattering like vinyl or breaking like wood or steel (Which can throw shards into your animal or cause impalation), the polymer is built to bend. Multiple times I have seen this fence in action simply throwing animals back with minimal amounts of harm. (Not to mention, you protect your posts which take forever to pull out and replace.)



Ease of Installation

On top of being safe for my horses, the polymer fencing is much, much easier to install. There is definitely a learning curve for someone coming from regular fencing, but the continuous length of rail that gives Centaur its strength also makes it a very easy installation. Pick the number of rails you want and simply strap them to your posts as you go.

And now the Testimonials

I used Centaur around my outdoor arena as well as a couple of paddocks for my two stallions. Nearing nine years old, the webbing looks pretty good but the clips that nail to the posts have dulled out.

Overall, it needs little maintenance and I am quite happy with it. I do have two issues to note though.

Paddocks being prone to overgrazing, I had to add a strip of electric webbing to keep the horses from sticking their head through the webs in order to get at the grass on the other side.

I understand that Centaur is available now that can be charged.

My posts are pounded with “H” braces for the corners and at the gate openings. I used no concrete to anchor the posts.

When you use Centaur, you wrap the web about 3/4′s around the end posts. The tension tends to twist the post and pop the horizontal brace out of place.

Anonymous, Kasey County, KY


Both fences are a variation on theme from Hi-Tensile wire fence. I am a big fan of Hi-Tensile wire fencing and have used it around livestock and horses since the early 80′s and have had really good success. I have had no major problems with using Hi-Tensile for horses and I know that some people call it the “egg slicer” fence. I hate to say this, but most of the problems I’ve seen with Hi-Tensile and horses have been associated with Thoroughbreds. The suppliers that you are looking at make a coated or armored wire with a plastic coating. The only question I’ve ever asked about coated wire fence is the UV factor. On my own property, I’ve fenced in my horses with board fencing across the front and plain old Hi-Tensile wire fencing every where else. I use 5 wires and make 2 of them hot with electric. Happy trails.

Anonymous, Hagerstown, MD


We’ve got Centaur and absolutely love it! It took forever to set some of the posts as we ran into some really hard ground, but others went right in. If you’re not wanting to rent or buy an auger to make the post holes, you might be able to find a local fencing company to set the posts for you fairly cheap and then install the Centaur (CenFlex/whatever) yourself. It’s just a matter of being able to use a drill with a screwdriver bit and attaching the tensioners.



great product for horses and other livestock. WE have this fecncing all over our property and is is fantastic… so much better than Board fencing.

Anonymous, Houston, TX

I’m not sure why they think the coated wire is dangerous? I have the centaur top rail and 4 strands below, and we love it. And, my super accident prone, roll too close to the fence, stick head through the fence, run into the fence mare is finally not very accident prone. She even kicked the top rail the other day playing around, and I thought to myself, if that was a board, she could have broken the board, maybe needed stiches and I definetly would have had to repair it, if I was not home and it was a board and it had broken, the horses could have gotten out, etc. We also have accientally dropped a small tree or two on our fence and you would never know. Not a mark from the kick or the trees. And, we are on a semi-busy state road, with one paddock close to the road and the horses are safely contained. We have not had a single injury from this fence.

The other important factor is maintenance. The time it takes to maintain a centaur coated steel/wire setup is much less and lets you get to other projects that will always be there on the property. I can’t say enough good things about Centaur fence. We ordered it through Double J, we loved ordering through them and they had the best price. We have installed all of our fencing ourselves (hard work, but rewarding), you can do it!

Anonymous, CT

horse fenceI really hope that these testimonials along with pictures and a bit of explanation have been helpful for you all. Centaur fence really is the best there is and goes far above any other as a company to help make its customers happy. I’ve worked with numerous retail locations and websites who carry Centaur’s fencing and they all swear by it as the top quality and bargain for any horse fence out there.

Just to clarify, I don’t work for Centaur and I suppose this is my disclaimer as well. If anything I’ve claimed isn’t the same for you, I’m sorry that your experience has been different. This is my personal experience with Centaur and their fencing products.

I hope you all have wonderful experiences and a wonderful time outside building your fence!